Offering an ALL-INCLUSIVE Staging, Styling and Property Sales Solution

We make it easy to Stage, Style and Present your property to the market.

By presenting your property to potential buyers styled and looking amazing will lead directly to higher market interest, a quicker sale and increased sale value.

Staging & Styling

Styling is your secret weapon

Beautifully styled homes receive higher engagement rates online, create high volume open home attendance which encourages competition amongst potential buyers resulting in a higher price for your property.

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Style Council can elevate your property to the next level by presenting a more attractive lifestyle to improve buyer visibility and increase sale value.

‘To stage and style a home is less about decorating and more about strategic packaging.'

'By clearing away distraction, the property can speak to the lifestyle of potential buyers’

Getting to Market

With a visually impressive property we increase buyer views, attract offers and enable a faster sale cycle for a higher property price return. Higher property views + higher interest = Higher Sale Return

Show Me How

Loren’s outstanding styling of the property generated a quick sale with a contract offer that was significantly higher than expected. Definitely an investment, not an expense.

Colours & Textures can change a room and bring out its potential

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