Present your home at its best by showcasing the features and letting those spaces shine.

Style Council sees the opportunities that your home offers by presenting your property at its best to showcase its features and letting those spaces shine. We’ll guide you through the tough decisions, whether to paint the front door or do a complete inside job, style the entire property or just a few rooms.

We combine superior presentation with sophisticated photography to evoke ‘want and desire’ from potential buyers, leaving them wanting more. Utilising various forms of media and cutting-edge marketing will expose your home to the entire market of potential buyers.

Style Council as an agent represent their clients and their property with respect and pride. Our philosophy is “YOU are selling YOUR home” and we are providing you with important decisions to consider. With all the relevant information necessary to help in the decision process, Style Council support their clients and understand their needs and requirements.

We look forward to partnering with you and planning an enjoyable experience.

Nigel Anniss

Property Marketing & Projects

Nigel Anniss is an experienced property expert who works with owners in the preparation, marketing and sale of their homes and investments.

Having represented New Zealand in both Rugby Union and Judo, Nigel believes his success in business stems from the principles he learnt in achieving the highest level as an athlete. The same level of commitment, enthusiasm and dedication is what Nigel brings to the table.

Nigel has spent the last 20 years in the property, construction and marketing industry. Having successfully negotiated many property transactions, Nigel truly understands the importance of good old- fashioned preparation, together with the latest marketing ideas to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients.

Having managed Firkin Brew Pubs in London throughout the 90’s, you may find Nigel in a nearby brewery enjoying a well-crafted pint of IPA.

Nigel is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and is more than happy to help with any questions you may have on 0475 442 375 or

Loren Kennard

Property Creative & Stylist

Loren Kennard is a passionate creative in marketing and interior design. Loren believes in the power of beautiful interiors and relishes working with Property Owners to uncover the true potential within their home.

In creating polished interiors that are functional and appealing, Loren has a natural eye for quality craftsmanship, textiles and furnishings. Her focus, attention to detail and enthusiasm for design, enables her to connect with her clients on an emotional and inspirational level.

Loren further enhanced her natural ability at the school of design, focusing on interiors and fine art. She has been involved in the property market in New Zealand and Australia and knows what truly matters when styling, marketing and selling a home.

‘To stage and style a home is less about decorating and more about strategic packaging. By cleaning away distractions, the property can speak to the lifestyle of potential buyers’

We are Loren and Nigel, founders of Style Council and we’ve been involved in the Property, Sales and Marketing Industry, pretty much forever.

With Loren’s background in Interior Design, Property Styling and Renovations combined with Nigel’s Sales, Service and Marketing experience, we have created Style Council.

A unique all-inclusive Stage, Style and Sell Agency.

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Styling is your secret weapon

When considering presenting your home for sale, you must understand, STYLING IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON.

STUNNING PRESENTATION is imperative in attracting buyer interest. Beautifully styled homes receive higher engagement rates online, create high volume open home attendance which encourages competition amongst potential buyers resulting in a higher price for your property.

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Selling with Style Council

Style Council can help you sell your property for the best return.

We sit down with you and discuss our strategy and how we can help sell your home and achieve positive results. Our proposals give you the opportunity to see a personalised property Staging, Styling and Marketing Plan for how we will work with you to sell your property.

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