Why Stage & Style your home?

When considering presenting your home for sale, you must understand, STYLING IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON.

Most know that presenting your home at its best is critical, but getting it right isn’t as easy as it looks. People often don’t have the time or experience required. It can be overwhelming considering all aspects of marketing and presenting your home for sale. Let us remove the stress and complexities so you can relax.


We come to you

We’ll spend time discussing your home, styling services, time-frame, budget, desired outcome and any recommended trade work required. Practicality goes out the window when you stage a property for sale. It’s about transforming it from your ‘home’ to a marketable product.


Custom Proposal

We’ll discuss with you any recommended trade work, styling, time frames and provide you with a comprehensive quote tailored specifically to your property. We consider your property in detail, including floor plan, the style of your home, unique features and target audience.


Execute a Plan

The furniture, artwork and accessories are all individually chosen and delivered to your property. They’re positioned specifically to showcase your property and resolve any problem spaces.

Our styling is individually crafted with attention to detail and careful consideration is taken regarding Light and Space, Statement Furniture, Layers of Luxury, Colour and Texture, Premium Artwork and Accessories.

Contact Style Council

7 SECONDS is all you have to impress a prospective buyer, does the property deliver a great first impression.

A styled property allows potential buyers to get a feel for how they can make the property their own and mitigate any sense of doubt.


Make your property shine



Focused on the details

Meet The Team