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Top Five Ways to Improve your home styling

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Home Styling Tip 1

Create Zones

By creating zones within the home you can style to suit the function, and even in an open plan home create areas of differing feel.

Home Styling Tip 2

Highlight Features

Showcase what the home has to offer by focusing on the highlight and downplaying the issues. Move room furnishing around so that your eye is drawn to the features and make the most of them.

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Home Styling Tip 3

Remove Clutter

Clean, clear and uncluttered. Remove all excess and keep only the items which are part of the function of a room or enhance the rooms appeal.

Home Styling Tip 4

Keep A Consistent Theme

Choose a theme for you styling whether it be Modern, Classic, Urban Chic or Hamptons and carry that style throughout the home.

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Home Styling Tip 5

Create a Lifestyle Destination

Add small details that turn a home into a lifestyle. Whether it be books, foodie inspired, music inspired or relaxation. Create a style that reflects the lifestyle that will occur in the home.

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